CrutchoDowneyJV has 8 Project Managers none have less than 20 years’ experience and they come from a wide range of backgrounds and diverse experience. The experience of our Project Mangers ranges from Commercial, Heavy Civil, Mechanical, Water and Waste Treatment, Earthwork, Industrial and Recreation. We see this as a huge asset. When there is a situation encountered there is always someone in the cohort with the expertise to navigate the situation.


CrutchoDowneyJV has the in-house capability to perform portions of the work. This includes earthwork, paving, concrete, underground utility, plant mechanical, carpentry, equipment installation, hardware installation, door installation and more. While on a CM project our preference is to first pursue competitive, disadvantaged subcontractors without bidding against them as a competitor, this develops a level of trust with subcontractors that they can bid the project without being cut out by the CM. It is a benefit to have the ability to self-perform, both in experience and as a backup plan if no suitable sub is found. The team is always looking for ways to innovate and stay ahead of the industry. Several years ago, we equipped all of our Superintendents with digital tablets, so they have access to review all of the electronic communication, submittals and plans. Communication and the free flow of information is essential and CrutchoDowneyJV is always looking for a way to improve. Recently, the JV updated its earthwork software to a more powerful current version. Keeping up to date with the most recent estimating and bid software is essential to staying on the edge of the market. Positions have been created and several new Project Managers and Superintendents have been added. This gives CrutchoDowneyJV increased depth to handle our client’s needs. Some of the items listed may have a direct impact, some indirect, but all help increase our ability to perform at the highest level for our client.


One of the keys to our success is we work to develop partnership relationships with the owners, architect and engineers we work with. We develop a team approach and encourage a philosophy that we all win when we work toward a common goal and shared vision.


CrutchoDowneyJV’s approach is Client-Specific. We tailor our approach and team to the project to meet its specific needs. Overall project success relies heavily upon the decisions made at the initial stages of the jobs. Combining skilled professionals with an open and collaborative approach, the JV’s preconstruction services offer an advantage on projects of various sizes and complexities. Providing the assessments and recommendations necessary to make timely, informed and data-driven business decisions, better serving the interests of the project through relevant suggestions and hands-on partnerships with owners, designers and construction team and helping to manage the overall process of tracking details and holding team members accountable. Our preconstruction services go well beyond traditional open-book cost estimating and value engineering to create more reliable schedules and estimates. We use the most relevant tools, technologies and processes and get the right people involved at the appropriate time, to drive down project cost while maintaining design intent and the customer’s overall goals and objectives.


CrutchoDowneyJV utilizes Suretrak Project Manager. It is a time-tested program that can create schedules in multiple formats. It has the ability to generate Critical Path Method charts, weighted schedules, weekly look ahead and other various reports. The team also utilizes other methods of tracking such as Superintendent look ahead, Subcontractor 6-week schedules and others. CrutchoDowneyJV’s philosophy toward scheduling is to build schedules that match the work and performance required on the project. The schedule should be built with Subcontractor and Superintendent input, so they understand and buy into the goals the schedule outlines. It should be built for the job, not just as a requirement, but as a functional tool to identify and eliminate problems before there is an impact. The importance of the scheduling process cannot be over emphasized.


CrutchoDowneyJV utilizes the latest digital software for architectural, civil and earthwork. The different programs include PlanSwift, InSite and Carlson. We are able to break down the projects in as fine detail as necessary. CrutchoDowneyJV’s estimators have a wide range of experience and specifically we will be able to analyze in detail the project presented in this RFQ. During the initial estimate, evaluating Value Engineering and Constructability is of the upmost importance. Three examples of this would be as follows: 1. Analyze, identify, document and list the risks and offer methods to eliminate. Increased risk escalates the cost of construction. One instance of this is a project we previously constructed that we would have to install underground lines below the water table. We identified this and offered a solution; the entire site was raised above the water table and the excavation on the site was reduced as well. It resulted in substantial savings and the project was not delayed. 2. Analyze for constructability, reviewing how components fit together and offer solutions to streamline the construction process. Look for ways to modify or adjust the structure to minimize construction cost. 3. Value Engineering, look for ways to offer items that would be equally acceptable and produce time or cost savings.